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What We Offer

Exclusive Academic Events

The society runs a series of academic workshops and webinars called the "Ghosal Academy".

We cover a broad base of topics from Python for Finance, to how to do a DCF analysis.

We also do market insights and updates through our brand new podcast aimed to increase the financial literacy of our members.  

A Multitude of Initiatives for Everyone

In line with our values, we identify and utilise the strengths of our members to help kickstart careers in finance. Our members have a multitude of choices to pick from from the various initiatives we lead. We currently have a consulting arm (McCormick Consulting), a marketing arm (The Branding Project), an IB arm (The Sell Side Institute) and Women in Finance.

Career & Employability Insights

LUIFS is one of the largest LUMS societies and frequently collaborates with university societies to engage in socials. This facilitates the mixing of our members with other societies and allows for networking opportunities with various societies for our members. With our connections in the industry, we regularly invite employers to give talks on what students should focus on while applying to top firms.

The Ghosal Fund

A student-led investment fund with the aim to develop a deep understanding of the financial markets. Our analysts experience equity investment on a first-hand basis and gain exposure of real-life situations to enhance their skills.

The 58 member-strong fund outperformed the S&P500 by 9% last year.

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Our Values

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Invest in our people

Through our initiatives, we identify and utilise the strengths of our members to help kickstart careers in finance

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Create fruitful partnerships

We partner with like-minded organisations to enhance our connections within the industry

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Push boundaries to achieve excellence

We empower individuals to take bold and calculated risks to deliver exceptional results

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Sponsors & Partners

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Our Initiatives

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McCormick Consulting

Women in Finance

The Branding Project

The Sell-Side Institute

A global consulting arm of LUIFS to provide opportunities for our members to work on impactful projects abroad

Partnered with Girls Are Investors (GAIN) to offer more development opportunities for women aiming for careers in finance

Actively advising and supporting local businesses in the North West, this project provides hands-on branding and marketing experience

An investment banking arm of LUIFS which aims to aid our members in their awareness of financial deals happening around the globe, whilst also improving the research and report building skills of those involved

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